EPM 11980

Leane’s Prospect

Recent works

  • 1985 – Pat Barron reported “Bonanza Zone of strongly outcropping silica alteration & quartz veins” – “Extends +7km” – Selective chips ≤ 8.1g/t Au
  • 2007 – Mike Seed & Map To Mine undertook geological, rock chip and soil sampling traverses but failed to locate “Bonanza”. However found copper carbonates to the west in the mylonitic contact between limestone and metasediments over a 1200m strike length. This zone was named “Leane’s”.
  • 2008 & 2009 – John Nethery & Map To Mine mapping & soil sampling defined 700m x 50m zone hydrothermal breccias of +1000ppm Cu average 3000ppm.
  • 2010 – RC drilling 10 holes for 493m – Best intersection 33m @ 0.49% copper.


  • Encountered brecciated limestone with elevated copper grades at shallow depths. Hole depths are generally less than 40m with the deepest hole at 82m and a significant intercept of 33m @ 0.49% Cu
  • 2009 fieldwork confirms that additional gold mineralisation occurs over several hundred metres south of Leane’s Prospect.
  • The copper gold mineralisation at Mungana and Red Dome is elongated along a similar strike length to that at the Leane’s prospect although Red Dome had a higher tenor of gold at surface


  • Research
  • Collate data
  • Reconnaissance
  • Inspect drill cores
  • Inspection of site
  • Confirm drilling sites
  • VTEM
  • Drone DTM
  • Drilling of 3x200m holes followed by 3x500m. Downhole EM program.
  • Resource development drilling 10,000m

Bonanza Prospect


  • Past exploration on the area was mainly by Aquitane Australia 1975, (report on A-P 1495) carried out detailed soil sampling on 1km space lines over the strike lithologies and assayed for Cu, Pb and Zn only (CR5633). Carried out mapping and geochem and aerial magnetics on approximately following up AMAD stream sediment survey of 1968 also sampling only for Cu, Pb and Zn.


  • Copper values were elevated, with values of 0-170ppm. Values of +80 correlating with basic volcanic rocks. No distinct copper anomalies were detected, and lead and zinc values were of low tenor.


  • Research
  • Reconnaissance
  • Soils sampling
  • Drone DTM
  • Detailed magnetics
  • First pass drilling, 2,000m
  • Stage II drilling,5000m target evaluation
  • Stage III drilling, 10,000 Resource.
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